Il Porcellino (Oakland)

6111 La Salle Ave Oakland, CA (map)

I read on Yelp that the owner was very Italian and quirky. We arrived at around 8:00 and were told it would take around fifteen minutes. That wasn't bad, but just as a table was clearing for us, a small party arrived that had reservations. The eccentric owner, however, explained and apologized, giving us each a glass of wine on the house to pass the time.

Miki had the Zuccati, which is a homemade pumpkin and ricotta ravioli in a butter sage sauce. I had the Pappardelle alle Salsicce, which is wide ribbon pasta with mushrooms, mild Italian sausage, garlic cream sauce. Hers was delicious from the get-go. Mine was a bit bland until I got further down into the sauce. They aren't kidding when they say mild Italian sausage, next time I'll be trying something spicy.

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