The Thunders at Elbo Room

The Thunders

Ellie and I went to Elbo Room to see Crepe-Sensei Shinji's band, The Thunders. Before them was Clouds and Cannons, which proved to be a great bonus for the night.

As their 11:00 showtime approached, the hipster crowd dissipated and the Japanese flooded in. I believe I heard shouts of "Shinji-chan!" (which initially sounded an awful lot like Shin-chan), the bass player. I could also swear that I heard a cry of "Zatoichi-chan" (the blind swordsman, which could be a reference to the lead singer, or maybe I just misheard).

The show was energetic, and quite a lot of fun. My only complaint is that the extremely dim stage lighting made it difficult to see the performers most of the time!

From The Thunders's Myspace page:

Atsushi: Guitar
Shinji: Bass
Takuya: Drums
Satoru: Vocal

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