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Dune: Duncan Idaho?

It occurs to me that the way we feel about the silly name Duncan Idaho echoes the way that the Fremen felt about the name Muad’Dib (“hopping mouse”) when they first heard it.

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Microsoft IME for Japanese Input

I’ve found the keyboard shortcuts for the Microsoft IME (Input Method Editor) to be poorly documented. I’ve tried to collect all of them here. Switching Between Input Languages These keyboard shortcuts switch between, for example, English and Japanese input languages. … Continue reading

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Converting Yodlee’s CSV Financial Data to OFX

I was attempting to use csv2ofx to convert Yodlee MoneyCenter’s exported comma separated value data into an OFX file, for use in GnuCash. I repeatedly got an error when exporting: KeyError: ‘Split Type’ This turned out to be due to … Continue reading

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Always Inspect Your Tires Closely!

REI had 26×1.8 Michelin City tires at 25% off $28. I was worried about my decade-old tires, particularly the fact that at only 1.4 inches, rim damage seemed fairly likely on a tour. I nabbed the last two tires. I … Continue reading

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Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers

I needed a set of front bicycle panniers for my upcoming West Coast ride. Since it will be rare that I’ll need more storage capacity than my Ortlieb Backrollers offer, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Nashbar … Continue reading

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Bicycle Wheel Bearings

I’m looking for replacement bearings for a Shimano M760 XT rear hub. According to Shimano’s technical documents website, it uses 1/4″ bearings, nine per side. The lowest price I found for bicycle bearings was 25 for $4.80 at JensonUSA. However, … Continue reading

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Flents Econo-Mate Contact Lens Case

I can never find these when I need them: compact, low-volume, contact lens cases. The cases sold by contact solution companies are positively cavernous, sucking up a relatively tremendous quantity of solution every time you use them! I had an … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Fremdschämen

Fremdschämen is a German word which means vicarious embarrassment on behalf of others. For examples, refer to almost anything that Ricky Gervais has made.

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Photo Journal: Dempster Highway to the Arctic

Dempster Highway to the Arctic, Vancouver to Inuvik is an interesting photo journal by David Cambon.

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Rock Climbing Gyms in Japan

I’ve begun to gather information on rock climbing gyms in Japan and put them into Google Maps. This map is centered on Tokyo, but I’ll add gyms anywhere in Japan as I come across them. My goal is to provide, … Continue reading

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