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Fixing Broken VMware Shared Folders in Kubuntu/Ubuntu (f_dentry and d_alias errors)

I recently installed Kubuntu 14.04 LTS (3.19.0-25) 64-bit in a VMware virtual machine. After doing an apt- get upgrade, Shared Folders stopped working. When attempting to build and install VMware Tools, I saw compilation errors relating to f_dentry and d_alias. … Continue reading

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Add Day of Week To Taskbar

Do you want to see the day of week displayed on the Windows Taskbar clock? Go to the Start Menu and open “Change date, time, or number formats” In the Region dialog, on the Formats tab, click on “Additional settings…” … Continue reading

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Eclipse for Android: No Build Targets

I installed the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers, but when I tried to create a new project, the Build Target list was empty. I had already followed the instructions given in this newsgroup post: … Continue reading

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