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I’ve been studying Japanese off and on (mostly off) for about five years.

Microsoft IME for Japanese Input

I’ve found the keyboard shortcuts for the Microsoft IME (Input Method Editor) to be poorly documented. I’ve tried to collect all of them here. Switching Between Input Languages These keyboard shortcuts switch between, for example, English and Japanese input languages. … Continue reading

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Rikaichan: Perfect Tool for Japanese Learners

The Rikaichan Project is a Firefox plugin which pops up translations information for Japanese characters. Usage: Install the Rikaichan plugin. Restart your browser. Navigate to a page with Japanese characters. Right-click on the page and select Rikaichan (see image below). … Continue reading

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Japanese Monster (Yunnie VLog)

I came across a series of Japanese videos on YouTube. Initially, they appear to be rather mundane and cute. By the 11th video, things take a different turn, and by the 12th video, they’re downright weird. The videos seem to … Continue reading

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Ebisu Beer and Katakana

While at lunch with coworkers, I was looking at an Ebisu beer flyer and noticed something odd: the katakana began with ヱ. But I’ve never seen that character before! As it turns out, it’s an obsolete character for ‘we’. In … Continue reading

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The Tale of Genji – choosing a translation

I’ve heard about The Tale of Genji, and thought I might like to read it. However, there are a daunting number of translations available! They’re enumerated in the Wikipedia article. Here’s my rough summary: 0) Murasaki Shikibu – the original … Continue reading

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