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Jeff Fitzsimons is a software engineer in the California Bay Area. Technical specialties include C++, Win32, and multithreading. Personal interests include rock climbing, cycling, motorcycles, and photography.

Thinkpad T420 IPS/PLS Screen Upgrade

Tired of the awful OEM screen on your T420? Want FHD (1920×1080) resolution with the full colors and deep blacks of IPS screens? Having a hard time deciding which to order? Then this page might help you. There are several … Continue reading

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Microsoft Symbol Server Configuration for WinDbg

Since I always forget how to configure a symbol cache on a new machine, here’s my configuration. Setting this environmental variable will download symbols from Microsoft’s servers and cache them at E:\symbols: _NT_SYMBOL_PATH=srv*E:\symbols*

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Far Cry 5: Only 32 Hours of Story

I finished Far Cry 5’s main story with only 32 hours of game play. I spent a fair amount of time doing side missions, too. I generally see 50 – 70 hours of game play in AAA titles, so I’d … Continue reading

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It’s 2017 and Windows 10 Notification Sounds Are Still Obnoxiously Loud

Back in August of 2015, I wrote about how System Notifications in Windows 10 were deafening and ignored System Volume settings. It’s 2017, and the problem appears to still be there. In fact, it’s even worse, since Dropbox has to … Continue reading

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Lenovo Thinkpad T420 – Removing Whitelist from BIOS 1.49

I wanted to install an Intel 7260-N WiFi PCIe card into my T420. For this to work, I had to flash a modified BIOS that removes the hardware whitelist. Unfortunately, I had just upgraded to BIOS 1.49, which ostensibly cannot … Continue reading

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PPTP on Lubuntu with PureVPN

I was having problems getting PPTP to work with PureVPN on a Lubuntu VM. I followed PureVPN’s directions, but only one of the four VPNs I created actually worked. The configuration appeared to be identical, based on what the user … Continue reading

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Installing Electron under Ubuntu – “node: not found”

I was trying to install Electron on Ubuntu using this command: npm install electron-prebuilt -g It would run for awhile, then fail with this error: sh: 1: node: not found Several online sources said to install “node-legacy”, but this never … Continue reading

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Removing Open VM Tools and VirtualBox Components from Lubuntu (Linux) Guest

After moving a Lubuntu virtual machine from VirtualBox to VMware Workstation and installing VMware Tools, I needed to clean out an old installation of Open-VM-Tools (OVT) and VirtualBox Guest Additions. Here are the steps I followed: List installed dkms packages: … Continue reading

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Fixing Broken VMware Shared Folders in Kubuntu/Ubuntu (f_dentry and d_alias errors)

I recently installed Kubuntu 14.04 LTS (3.19.0-25) 64-bit in a VMware virtual machine. After doing an apt- get upgrade, Shared Folders stopped working. When attempting to build and install VMware Tools, I saw compilation errors relating to f_dentry and d_alias. … Continue reading

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Convert FLAC to MP3 on Linux

This is the script I use to convert FLAC files to MP3. After converting, it moves all the FLAC files into a subdirectory named .flac: #!/bin/bash #—————————————————————————— # Converts all FLAC files in the current folder to high-quality VBR MP3s. … Continue reading

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