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PPTP on Lubuntu with PureVPN

I was having problems getting PPTP to work with PureVPN on a Lubuntu VM. I followed PureVPN’s directions, but only one of the four VPNs I created actually worked. The configuration appeared to be identical, based on what the user … Continue reading

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Steam Connection Error (“you must first connect to the Internet”)

I was able to download and install Valve’s Steam client on my Windows 7 64-bit machine, but when I tried to run the client I would instantly receive this error: Steam.exe (main exception): To run Steam, you must first connect … Continue reading

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Publishing GPG Public Key in DNS Records

Publishing GPG/PGP keys to public keyservers has one glaring fault: once you commit something, you can never remove it. I made the mistake of adding my email address at an employer’s domain. Now it is permanently tied to my public … Continue reading

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