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Cheap Bear Canisters

Harbor Freight, of all places, sells a bear canister for a mere $29.87. It looks an awful lot like the Garcia Bear-Resistant Container at REI, which sells for $69.95. I’ve heard this bear canister isn’t approved for use in the … Continue reading

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Ecco Track Elite: Best Boots Ever

The Ecco Track Elite, model 24604, is easily the best boot I’ve ever owned. It’s far taller, and provides much more support, than any of the other Track series boots. Ecco’s soles are soft and comfortable. While this results in … Continue reading

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In addition to my Halloween plans falling through, I just found out that independent hiking on the Inca Trail is prohibited! Since June 2002 trekking independently on the Inca Trail has been prohibited. Regulations state that each trekker must be … Continue reading

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Powdered Whole Milk

Powdered milk is a great thing to have along when backpacking. It’s a lightweight source of protein and flavor. Unfortunately, all of the backpacking-oriented stores seem obsessed with fat-free products. This yields tasteless, low-calorie breakfasts which don’t seem to keep … Continue reading

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Oakland to Yosemite

Google Maps provides a route from the San Francisco Bay Area to Yosemite National Park which runs along 580 to Highway 120. I find this route to be intolerably populated, unattractive, and often ground to a stop due to accidents … Continue reading

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