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The Demise of CAPICOM

CAPICOM, a COM-based wrapper for the CryptoAPI library, is deprecated and on its way out. However, Microsoft has no time line for phasing it out, nor have they provided sufficient documentation of alternatives. Many CAPICOM pages contain a confusing, bright-red … Continue reading

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Stripping an Authenticode Signature

We needed to modify the resources of an installer and then apply an Authenticode signature. Unfortunately, it already had a signature on it, and modifying the resources of an executable with a signature results in a corrupted signature. The Microsoft … Continue reading

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With CAPICOM deprecated, MSDN suggests using the mssign32.dll functions. There are two fundamental problems with this: No example code whatsoever is provided. No header file is provided. Well, at least I can do something about #2. Here is a minimal … Continue reading

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