Console2 and Cygwin with Solarized Color Palette

If you want to use Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color palette with Console2 and Cygwin, here’s how:

  1. Edit the console settings file at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Console2\console.xml or %APPDATA%\Console\console.xml.
  2. Replace the <colors> ... </colors> section with the following:
       <color id="0" r="7" g="54" b="66"/>         <!-- black -->
       <color id="1" r="38" g="139" b="210"/>      <!-- blue -->
       <color id="2" r="133" g="153" b="0"/>       <!-- green -->
       <color id="3" r="42" g="161" b="152"/>      <!-- cyan -->
       <color id="4" r="220" g="50" b="47"/>       <!-- red -->
       <color id="5" r="211" g="54" b="130"/>      <!-- magenta -->
       <color id="6" r="181" g="137" b="0"/>       <!-- yellow/brown -->
       <color id="7" r="238" g="232" b="213"/>     <!-- white -->
       <color id="8" r="0" g="43" b="54"/>         <!-- brblack --> 
       <color id="9" r="131" g="148" b="150"/>     <!-- brblue -->
       <color id="10" r="88" g="110" b="117"/>     <!-- brgreen -->
       <color id="11" r="147" g="161" b="161"/>    <!-- brcyan -->
       <color id="12" r="203" g="75" b="22"/>      <!-- brred -->
       <color id="13" r="108" g="113" b="196"/>    <!-- brmagenta/violet -->
       <color id="14" r="101" g="123" b="131"/>    <!-- bryellow -->
       <color id="15" r="253" g="246" b="227"/>    <!-- brwhite  -->
  3. Restart Console2.

Colors in vim look good:

Editing a CPP file in vim

Cygwin ls colors are a bit odd compared to other platforms:

Cygwin directory listing

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